Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's not easy getting ready for bowseason. Actually this
is a late post as the season started 2 weeks ago here in
the foothills.

There are skills to be honed.

There are four-wheelers to be fixed.

There are things to be bought.

There are clothes to be aired-out.

And there are a myriad of other things to do...food plots to keep
up...freezer space to free up...the list continues.
"Idolatry begins in the imagination by conceiving of God
in one's own likeness." A.B. Caneday from Veiled Glory:
God's Self-Revelation in Human Likeness--A Biblical
Theology of God's Anthropomorphic Self-Disclosure
an essay
in Beyond the Bounds

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Joel's Chinese ducks, Ping and Pong, keep coming to visit.
They will walk all the way down Joel's lane to the gravel,
turn left and walk down the gravel to our driveway, then
they hang another left and come duckily waddling up the drive.

It's hilarious.

Yesterday as we were driving down the gravel we met them on
the road. Kent said, "The road is dangerous; they should cut
through the field."

I asked him, "Do you want me to tell them that?"

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Today we saw geese headed south. Soon our hummingbirds
will leave us as well. Tyler has probably mixed up a
hundred gallons of sugar water for the little guys this
summer. They are an endless source of entertainment.

We will miss them.