Tuesday, October 28, 2008

She's 98, but who's counting?

The Cherry Cobbler complete with three layers of crust.

G'ma and Cousin Mary lost. Dad and Jenn won. High Five of course.

A little jig to end the evening.
Happy Birthday Grandma Opal!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kent and I walked down to G'ma's Sunday afternoon. Uncle Jim
was outside working in The Park. We wandered around in The
Park for awhile and then he showed me the whole set-up for
his outside shower. I hadn't really had a chance to see the
whole thing put together yet.

After sitting with G'ma for awhile she wanted to play cards.
Now that was a surprise. There were only three of us, so we
played Rummy. Kent beat us. But the funny thing was that I
kept saying, "Humpf" every time someone would lay down a card.
I think it was getting a little irritating and soon Kent began
saying it and then Grandma. She would lay her card down and
then pick it up again and say "Humpf" and when she did her little
head would bob up and down and her curls would shake and then we
would all giggle. Before leaving we got into a circle and hugged
each other and humpfed as loud as we could.

At least we finally got settled her meal for her birthday (98) which
is coming up this weekend. It will be Pork Roast, Mashed Potatoes,
either Sweet Potatoes or Squash (maybe as a casserole) and Cherry
Cobbler (with lots of crust). I'm sure I'll add a few more things,
but that gives me something to start with.

Monday, October 20, 2008

This is a wonderful video posted at Ladies For Life.

Friday, October 03, 2008

At Watts Up With That Is this story about an NBC crew
trying to document climate change and being blocked by
too much ice.

Tip of the bonnet to Challies.
Up and Down the Gravel

Actually I've still been somewhat out of commission and
don't have a lot of tidbits to share. However these things
I know:

1. Grandma Opal wants me to make a cherry cobbler for her 98th
birthday party. I, since I am the one who got in trouble for
taking so many cherries back in the spring, have plenty in the
freezer for a cobbler or two. She doesn't really care what the
main meal consists of; it was just important to nail down the

2. The Kirk's horse, Katie, has been missing for 4 or 5 days.
Joel has been helping to scour the woods round about, but he's
not seen any sign of her.

3. We bought a new fridge. The old one was leaking and had big
cracks in it. It was a double hand me down and had lived a long
and happy life. Probably it was going on 24 or so years old. The
new one is tall and clean and simple. It has no gadgets, no ice
maker, and no water dispenser. The more bells and whistles a thing
has the greater its chance of developing PROBLEMS. I don't like

4. We are headed to The Big City this weekend for some R & R. I am
really looking forward to it.

5. Tyler finished the bush hogging. Kent is working hard on the new
well house. I keep trying to get up the energy to divide peonies and
irises. Maybe next week...after the R & R.

6. Uncle Jim is working on a cool new path down to Aunt Jenny's place.
Hattie told me all about it, but I've not seen it yet.

7. Oh, this is not really a part of Up and Down the Gravel, but Billy
got to see the VP debate at WUSTL last night. He knew he was in the
top 300 lottery picks, but they weren't sure how many tickets they'd
have for students. At the last debate there they only handed out 150
to WUSTL students. This time they let in closer to 500. He really
enjoyed having the chance to be there.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Rules for marrying. These are funny but good.
This, from Against Heresies, is for those who love doctrine
...and...for those who don't.