Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The last time I was in the Philippines was during a
rather tenuous time. I wasn't able to use public
transportation or visit a lot of public places.

This time Becky and I traveled using every imaginable
form of transportation. We had a lot of places to
get to in order for her to meet with all the people
she needed to meet with, and in order to get to those
places we walked, rode public city buses and public
city to city buses, we took the overnight boat, we
rode the LRT and MRT in Manila, we rode in jeepneys,
we hopped on motorellas, we mounted tricycads, we
were in taxis more than I like to remember (we found
out that taxi drivers in Manila work 24 hour shifts),
we were escorted in numerous private vehicles, and
we got in an out of airplanes a number of times. It
was fun and enlightening.

Here I am in a tricycad in Cagayan De Oro.

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