Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I always feel bad when the foliage on the sides of the gravel
gets dusty. The freshness of spring has worn off and it looks
old and worn. How delightful when a rain comes and washes it
all clean again.

Cousin Sandy was down for a visit last week with Brandon and
Kayona. She absconded with a jar of cherry jelly I sent down
for Aunt Jenny. Sandy said, "Jenny doesn't like cherries and
she doesn't like jelly, so I'm taking it back to The Big City
with me."

Fern Nook Farmhouse has a new roof. Kent and Billy are glad
that job is over.

This morning I had to walk down to Joel's house to attend to
a small chore. What a beautiful morning it is. On the way
back up the driveway I saw that one of the small nannies had
escaped, so Kent and I had fun chasing her back into her field.

The wildflower colors right now are orange and white. Orange
from the Butterfly Weed and white from the Queen Anne's Lace.

Brother Mike and Sister-in-law Debby are due in today or
tomorrow for a month's stay.

Uncle Jim wants to construct an outdoor shower and an outhouse.
Sounds fun to me. Think how it will save on the air-conditioning
when the kids don't have to run in every time they need to attend
to their needs. He has big plans for solar heating the water so
the shower isn't COLD from the well water.

We are gearing up for the big family reunion we are hosting over
the 4th of July for Kent's side of the family.

Yesterday one of our myriad hummingbirds was being chased by a
bully hummer. It banged right into the side of the house and
was knocked loco. Tyler rescued it and put it in a box and fed
it every 20 minutes or so until it could fly again. Who needs
TV when you can stand and watch the hummer drama all day long
through the front door window?

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