Sunday, January 25, 2009

January is creeping to an end. I like January, but I anticipate
getting a lot more sleep in February. More sleep is good.

For those who think it is only the parents of babies and small
children who lose sleep, you have interesting days ahead.

Last night (as has happened once or twice or more times a week
since the guys got the boat rigged for gigging season)the guys
were out gigging. It was after 3:00 am before the fish were all
safely gigged, cleaned, scored, and stored in the freezer.
They have all the fun, and they do all the work. I just stay awake
until everyone is safely tucked in bed.

I'll get more sleep in February because the season ends January 31st.
Don't tell them I'm throwing a party. It'll be a sleepover.

Look at Joel's beautiful giant.

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