Monday, February 09, 2009

My family know me. They know me well. Last night Joel left to
go home. As soon as the door closed though, he opened it and
said, "Mom, come here or you might miss it."

I stepped out and he said, "Listen, there's a peeper."

I hugged him, and kissed him, and just about squeezed his head off.

Peepers. Ah, the relief. The delight. The lying awake and just

True, there was only one, and later, when I went out before I slipped
between the sheets for the night, there was still only one, or maybe
two at the most...but still. Peepers.

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amiableimpressions said...

We heard the peepers with much delight two or three nights in a row. I totally understand the squeezing hug as Jerry and I restrained ourselves to just marveling instead of jumping up and down. In Arkansas the geese are heading north in droves....woohooo.