Saturday, September 01, 2007

Life in Mayberry has been busy, but not too busy for
me to notice the incredible moonrise last night, nor
the glittering star studded sky tonight. If I had
to ever actually more into town I would miss my
night sky terrible much.

Four ballgames in one week and especially with three
of them being away games, makes for a lot of driving
time. When you live in small town America you
sometimes have to drive 2 hours to get to a ballgame.
If we had won some of the games 't'would have been more
palatable. Actually I make it sound worse than it is.
I love going to watch my kids play ball; win or lose
it is fun, but I do not deny that it is MORE fun to win.
Oh well, we won all three games the week before.

Billy left for the Big City and the University this
week. He wasn't gone long though. There were only
two days of class and so he found his way back home
for a nice, long, leisurely weekend. He had a rather
interesting experience today. He took some friends
out on the river and then the friends had to leave
early so he was puttering up and down in the boat
by himself. As he was motoring under the bridge,
(those of you familiar with Mayberry will know exactly
where this happened) a man asked him how much he would
charge for a boat ride. The fellow said neither he
nor his children had ever been for a boat ride. So
Bill had them all pile in and gave the man, his wife,
and their four children a ride up and then back down
the river. Of course he didn't charge them anything,
but he did invite them to church.

Today was parade day in Mayberry. It is so fun to
see people you know on nearly every float or in every
group going by. It was a perfectly lovely day and
the parade was one of the best I can remember. Hattie
collected a LOT of candy...enough to nearly fill a
gallon pickle jar that is home to whatever candy she
gets from various events.

When we first sat down I looked across the street and
saw my cousin Stacy and her crew sitting there ready
for the fun.

Hattie and her friend waiting for the parade to start.

In the midst of it.

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Steve & Ruth said...

Bill is our hero...truly a generous soul that always cares about others.