Monday, September 10, 2007

Telling the story on Sharon and her baby chicks
reminded me of a baby chick story of my own.

One spring we decided to buy chicks. We bought
quite a few probably two dozen or so. If you have
never bought chicks through the mail that is an
experience in itself. They send them to you really
quick and they are all stuffed in this tiny box to
keep them warm.

We always kept our chicks in our New Room because
that was the room with a wood furnace in it. We'd
keep them in a tall box with a light bulb in it
to be sure they were warm. They are sensitive little

That year by Easter they were getting pretty big,
but not yet big enough to put out in the chicken coop.

Easter morning we left early. Our usual Easter schedule
begins with breakfast at my parent's church, then we leave
Hattie there for an egg hunt and drive to our church. My
folks drive Hattie over and drop her off during the middle
of our Sunday School. After church we go straight to
my folks for dinner and then after eating we head to the home
of a family in our church where we always have a church egg hunt.
We usually relax there for several hours and then meander home
to get ready for Monday morning.

This particular Easter Sunday, though, Kent was called out
to do some counseling and I dropped back over at my parents
before going home because they had out of town company. Part
of the company were my sister's in-laws. Judy, Becky's MIL,
wanted to see our house. She'd never had the pleasure of being
in it.

So, she and I drove the mile down the gravel and went up on the
porch and opened the door. We stepped inside and then turned
around and walked back out. I said, "Judy, I think you'll have
to see my place another time." She agreed.

The box sides and fallen down and those chicks, all of them,
had gotten out. They had been running around all day, and
they had been depositing little chicken piles all over the
house. It was incredible. Under every bed, under the furniture,
behind everything they could get behind, all over the carpet,
in every single room of the house they left their mark. It
was an amazing mess. One I hope to never face again.

None-the-less I love chickens. They are a lot of fun to have
around. I don't have any right now, but maybe someday soon
we will again...especially if egg prices continue as they
are now.


Old Fashioned Girl said...

Goodness! And I thought it was hard living with four cats ...

Tammy said...

Oh wow, what a funny story, Laurie! :D
It reminds me of a I Love Lucy episode about when she tried to raise it!

Dana said...

Oh my goodness! That would be awful. I imagine rounding them up was as fun as an Easter egg hunt?

LeftCoastOnlooker said...