Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Up and Down the Gravel

1. Mom and Dad got back from a trip to The Big City for Mom's
latest chemo treatment. So far, so good.

2. Billy comes home today from his 3rd year of college in The Big
City. He is flying high! He will be working in The Big City
this summer, but only Monday-Wednesday, then he'll head home
to dear-to-his-heart Fern Nook for the rest of the week. He
has a full week and a half break before starting his internship.

3. Joel's geese, Amanda and Abagail, have gone missing. Some of
the ducks and chicks are gone also. He's suspecting a dog or a
pack of dogs is getting them. No worry though...the man at work
he got his goose eggs from told him he could have more to

4. Joel has also gone into the scrap metal business. If you have
anything you want hauled off then he's the man for you.

5. Aunt Jenny is going to make garden in our old garden spot again.
Kent and Tyler have been working at putting up electric fence to
keep the rabbits and deer out.

6. Yesterday G'ma Opal called me to see if Dad and Mom had made
it back from The Big City. Before we got off the phone she said,
"I have to tell you my big problem." It seems her favorite pair
of shoes had gone missing. She'd had them just the day before.
They are the ones she cut the toes out of and has been wearing
for over a year. She loves those shoes. She looked all in the
house and all outside, but nary a sight of them did she see. Then,
just as I was going to offer to go down and look she said, "Oh, I
just lifted the dust ruffle at the side of the bed and there
they are!" (She'd already looked under the bed.) She hung up a
happy camper.

7. The goats and the cows are fat and happy.

8. Hattie is cooking up a storm. Yesterday she made Lemon Pound
Cake Muffins. They are delicious.

9. Tyler is almost at the end of his spring ball season. One
more regular season game and then they're off to districts.

10. This is not from The Gravel, but it is interesting. Niece
Kinsey is going to be in one of the productions for the Muny
in The Big City again this year. It is the one called, "90
Years at the Muny" (or something like that.)

11. Uncle Jim has The Park looking just lovely. He is not
complaining about the water tables being low right now. Last
week we got another 3+ inches of rain (which washed all our new
grass seed down towards Montgomery's place) and we're fixing to
get more today and tomorrow.

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