Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Accidents Will Happen

We just had a little excitement here on our little mom
and pop farm. Kent was out with number two son
loading some wood to be cut. He went to throw a
large log on the outside woodburning stove and
hit his hand on the door slicing three fingers. One was
a good scrape, but the other two were deep slices.

Enough blood was gushing out to make it look like he
completely cut them through. It probably took about
15 minutes for the icepack to stop the bleeding enough
for me to put a butterfly bandage on each of those
fingers. Then I wrapped them in a large bandage.

His main fear is that they won't be healed enough to
play in a volleyball tournament on Saturday. We are
hosting a tournament to raise money for a Mexican
Missions Trip we are going on in July.

I used my last two butterfly band-aids on his hand. I
need to replace those this week because with living on
a farm, and having four extremely active kids, plus a
husband that works hard, I have found that butterfly
band aids can be all the difference between an emergency
room visit and a good home remedy.

That reminds me of a story my grandma (95) tells. She
was alone with her little son Bill, when he cut his foot
to the bone with an ax. She lived way out of town,
where we do now, but she had no way of getting to
the doctor. So she stuck his foot in a pan of kerosene.
It stopped the infection and healed the cut. Later a
doctor told that that was the best thing that could
have been done.

Just for fun...my 8 year old daughter just came in and
said, "I know you said to not ask you if I could read
another chapter, but I only have one left to finish
this book, and it is so exciting." Well, I am a softie
in a few areas, and reading is one of them. "Yes,"
I said, "you may." She immediately threw her arms
around me, squished her nose next to mine and said,
"THANK YOU, you are the best mom ever." You gotta
love it.

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