Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Family

Time to tell about the family. I'll start with my husband's
side. Loud, fun, robust, playful...that about sums it up.

However if you want a little detail to get a clearer picture-
here goes. Kent's family cannot get together without some
sort of wrestling match. Sooner or later there will be an
attack of some sort (physical). My sons, of course, have
inherited this to the nth degree. Kent does join in from
time to time, okay, Kent starts it usually. I have come to
understand that it is a major form of male bonding.

My third son, Tyler, and his paternal grandfather, Opa, used
to play a game when they were together. Each was allowed
one slap on the face sometime during the day. This sounds
like torture to me, but it was the funniest thing to them.
You'd hear Ty said "Opa, look at that (fill in the blank), and
then you'd hear a loud slap, and then, just as loud, laughter.

Our extended family get-togethers are characterized by loud,
fun competition. We have a large Peanuts (card game)
tournament every year. We also play Round Robin (ping pong).

Every Thanksgiving we have a "Turkey of the Year" award.
The family loves to tell stories on themselves. The winner has
to do a turkey dance and get the ugly turkey to keep in their
house till the following Thanksgiving. This year I won. I was
pulled over for suspected drunk driving; I kept crossing the
center line. When I explained that I had been singing "Little
Bunny FooFoo" with hand motions, he let me go...but I could
tell he thought I was definitely batty. I learned my lesson-no
more hand motion songs while driving. I'll be glad to get rid
of that Turkey.

Being part of Kent's family has been a joy for me. I have learned
many social graces from them.

They love the Lord, (most of them) and they love life. It is a
privilege to be part of them.

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