Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

Since the Jerusalem council in Acts 15 the Christian
Church (as a whole) has come up against controversial
ideas. The study of church history is so fascinating
with seeing how over and over the church leaders
got together over coffee and doughnuts and decided
to stay staid on the side of orthodoxy.

Believers know that God has promised that His
church would never be defeated.
...and on this rock I will build My church
and the gates of hades will not prevail
against it. (Matthew 16:18b)

It is easy for us, however, to fret when a movie like
The Da Vinci Code is released. We fear what it will
do to people's faith. We fear especially for the "seeker"
and the "babies".

With the truth of God on our side, there does not need
to be any fear. I appreciate the way Campus Crusade
for Christ is meeting this challenge head on. If you
would like information to answer questions that your
family and friends might have, go to the following
site which is maintained by Campus Crusade.

There you can order materials that will help in
answering the challenge that Dan Brown has thrown
down. You can also send questioners to the
following CCC site.

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