Thursday, July 19, 2007

Busy. Too busy to liveblog this mission trip. Here, though,
are a few pictures from the work.

The guys have been preparing to pour a concrete roof. It will go over
classrooms and a kitchen.

Mexican workers did the actual running up and down the ramp with
the buckets of concrete.

Everybody is proud of all that was accomplished.


Tammy said...

I am just catching up with you...I scrolled down to find your son bitten by a copperheard, another friend or relative with a heart attack, and you on a mission trip to Mexico! WOW!
I said a prayer for you all just certainly haven't had a dull time in Mayberry, that's for sure! Who says small town life is boring?
Looking forward to hearing more about your trip! God bless!

e-Mom said...

Stay busy! I'm praying your trip is safe and successful. Many blessings. :~)

LeftCoastOnlooker said...

Praying for you all -- I suppose you'll be traveling back soon, so we'll keep praying.

Maybe I missed this somewhere, but was this trip organized by your church, or did you go with a specific group? I hope you were blessed & I'm sure you all were a blessing