Monday, July 09, 2007

I've set myself a course in church history for the
next several months. First in line is a book I am
working my way through at present. The Spreading
Flame by F.F. Bruce begins at the beginning and will
take me through to the conversion of the English.

Today I found this piece of meat to chew on.
"That God incarnate should enter life by a unique way not improbable, but perfectly fitting. That
God incarnate should live a life of perfect holiness,
marked by works of miraculous power and teaching of
pre-eminent wisdom, is not improbable, but just what
we should expect. That God incarnate should die--
there is something in the highest degree amazing.
Die He did, none the less; but this could not be the
end. When we have seen this act in the drama of our
salvation, we wait breathlessly for the sequel, and
greet it as something divinely natural: this is the
one 'whom God raised up, loosing the bonds of death,
because it was not possible that death should hold
Him fast.'"

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