Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Family News in a Very Random Order

1. Yesterday, as I was in Mayberry ringing the
Salvation Army Bell, Princess Daughter was at home
making cookies. Usually she rings the bell
with me. Actually, it is strategic for her to
come with me (who can resist an adorable little
person ringing the SA Bell) and on top of that
she loves to do it. But right now she has a
cold and a cough (that reminds me of when I was
in the Philippines and my friends would say, "I
have coughs and colds") and I didn't want her
standing in the cold for an hour.

She made Christmas Nut Cookies out of The Pooh
Cook Book and they are delicious. It was a new
recipe to me. She loves reading through recipes
and was thrilled to find one that had all the
ingredients she needed.

2. The Christmas Tree tradition at our house, since
we moved to Mayberry, is for Kent and some or all of
the kids to go out and about either on our or my parent's
property and cut down a tree. Usually they look for
the biggest, most beautiful tree they can find and
it takes a lot of looking and debating until one is

This year Kent had a different idea. He went, with
Billy and Hattie, back onto the property. My dad
and Uncle Jim joined them for the adventure. When
they came back they had a beautifully proportioned
little cedar tree. Did I say little? I meant it.
This gorgeous tree is shorter than I am. Wow! This
may be the first year the pile of presents is taller
than the tree, and I do not go overboard on presents.
We set it up, which was a challenge being as little
as it is, and then we strung on a single strand of
lights. We hung both ornaments on it (just kidding,
we hung quite a few) and put the angel on top. Of
course we had to use a different angel. The usual
lighted one was too heavy. It is beautiful and fun.
Oh, and short, did I mention that yet?

3. In their spare time from cooking and tree cutting
down Kent and Hattie are practising. He is teaching
her his favorite dance step. We have a niece getting
married in the spring and they want to be ready. He
has tried to teach it to me for over 24 years now, but
alas, not only can I not sing, I also have no rhythm. I thought
maybe the two were tied together, but then I remembered
that Philippine sister sings as abysmally as I do yet
she has great rhythm. Oh well, Princess Daughter gets
her lovely singing voice and rhythm from Kent, but she
gets her cooking ability from me.

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Tammy said...

I loved your family news!
That is so neat that your daughter usually rings the Salvation Army bell with you...:)