Thursday, December 14, 2006

Only in Mayberry...

Yesterday Grandma Opal called to ask me if anyone
in my family was going to town. She had been the
day before and had bought a cord at True Value
to try and fix a lamp of hers. But, she went
off and left the cord laying on the counter at
the store. So, if we were going to town could
we pick it up for her, please.

"No," I replied to her, "no one is going to town."

However, a friend from church works at True Value,
and it was Wednesday, that means Wednesday Night
church. "Grandma," I said, "I could call True Value
and ask Danny to bring the cord to church and drop
it by your house later, Grandma."

"No, that would be too much trouble," replied G.Opal,
"I went to town yesterday and it would be too much
good luck to get to go again today. That's why I
called to see if any of you were going."

"Well," Laurie again here, "I am for sure going to
town tomorrow, I'll get it then."


Fast forward a few hours. We are sitting in the
sanctuary admiring the work the men have done on the
stage during the last few hours as we prepare for
the Christmas Program. I look over at Danny and
say, "Oh, Danny, my Grandma bought something from
True Value yesterday and left it."

Danny's reply, "I meant to bring that tonight, but
I forgot."

I saiy, "I'll get it tomorrow when I'm in town."

Danny, "Yes, but your Grandma hasn't been able to
get to work on her lamp yet."

Just a little snippet, but I am always reminded of the
connectedness there is in small town life.

And I am still wondering, just what is it G. Opal is
doing to her lamp?

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