Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Slowly I am reading through a book titled In the Steps
of Moses.
It is written by Louis Golding. After I
finish it, I will write a complete review, but I have
come to love this book. It was given to me by a friend
to read quite some time ago, and I just kept it on the
bottom of my pile of books because, well, it didn't
look very interesting. So, when I finally pulled it up
off the pile, I thought I would just skim through it like
a speed-demon and then hand it back with a smile and a
"Thank you". That was the plan. Then I began to skim;
then I began to read; and then I began to enjoy it greatly.

I just want to whet your appetite by giving you a small
dose of what it is about this book that is so enticing.

Get a whiff of this...

"But where was I? What had Moses, what had I, to do with
this piscine imbroglio?" (You get ten points if you can
tell what piscine imbroglio means without looking it up.
I couldn't.)

Or try this one on...

"It impressed itself on our memory, for it was our introduction
to the great national pastime of Transjordan, whispering,
murmuring, scheming, whispering, murmuring....It does not matter
what race they spring from, what their professions are; when
two Transjordanians get together they put their heads close
and start murmurng, Arabs of the villages, Beduin of the desert,
British soldiers, Italian missionaries. Transjordan is one
vast whispering-gallery."

Oh, in case you're wondering about piscine imbroglio, here's the

Piscene-having to do with fish (I should have know...Pisces
is The Fish.)
Imbroglio-a confused heap; a confusing situation.

So-A confused heap of a fish situation. It makes sense in the
flow of the book. Guess you'll just have to read it for

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