Sunday, December 24, 2006

Yesterday we birthday partied for my oldest son Joel.
He turned 23 on Friday, but we held off the celebration
till Saturday. Joel has had to fight his way through
life, but he has done so with a heart that is 100%
given over to Christ. His whole life is a journey of
discovery. He surrendered to the love of God when he
was a young boy, and since then his main question has
always been, "Okay, Christ is my Savior, now what does
that mean for my life? What does it mean to be a
Christian?" His faith is far deeper than almost anyone
else I know.

Happy birthday to the son who as a four year old, trying
to pick up the vacuum cleaner, with a cape on, said in a roar,
"I am Superman, I am Mighty Mouse, I am the Word of God!"
And then, with a sheepish look, and a much quieter voice,
squeaked out, "Mom, can you help me?"

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