Thursday, December 28, 2006

Philippine Sister and her family are in Mayberry for
several days. Today Derrill, Becky (PS), niece Annie,
Kent and I headed down the gravel to visit G'ma Opal.
What a time we had.

"What felicity," thought I. "G'ma always cooks for Phil.
Sis. and family, and since we are with them maybe we'll
come in for a share of it." Oh wonderful life to not
disappoint me when I ask so little of it. When Kent and
I got there (the others had gone on ahead), G'ma had a
pumpkin pie in the oven and a roast in the crockpot. She
was already embroiled in a game of High Five as these
delicacies were merrily bubbling and creating delectable
odors. She won. That put her in a good mood so she gave
up her seat at the card table and began to peel potatoes.
I volunteered to help, but, no, she didn't need my help.

The potatoes went in a pot. Some carrots went into another
pot. Then she sat down to play another game. My stomach
was beginning to feel a little empty. The roast was already
done, I'd sneaked a peek at it. The potatoes were softening
nicely; I was babysitting them to keep them from boiling over.
The carrots were looking good. But the game was far from
over. It looked for a time as if the girls would win (G'ma
and Becky). My insides were decidedly uncomfortable now.
The pie came out of the oven, but the game raged on. The boys
(Kent and Derrill) took the lead, things were beginning to
look bleak. We must keep G'ma in a good mood! I was also
eyeing the made-from-scratch cake with chocolate icing that
was sitting on the counter. Then with a final turning of the
tide, the girls won...Grandma was happy.

Quickly we mashed the taters, mixed gravy into the carrots,
opened up a jar of homemade dilly pickles, opened another of
pickled beets, pulled out some homemade cherry jelly, set
the meat, potatoes, carrots, and bread on the table, and
joined hands in the living room for prayer.

Oh, it was good.

Pretty good for a 96 year old. A feast and a double win
at cards all on the same morning. What more can a girl
ask for?

And, in case you are wondering which dessert I chose, I had
a small piece of each.

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e-Mom said...

That beautiful signature quilt!!! I've missed so much here in Mayberry over this Christmas week. Loved this latest story about Grandma Opal.

Your kids are like ours on Christmas morning... we all slept in til noon. Times they are a changin' (and that's just fine with me.)