Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Now I know how to make a ball if there is no ball.
Take an old tire, from a model T if possible, and cut
a round piece of rubber from it. Find some old feed
bags and unravel them. Then take the string from the
feed bags and wrap it around and around and around until
the ball is the size you want. And then, well, go play

G'ma Opal was on a roll (no pun intended) last night.
The spring weather just fills her to the brim with
nostalgic feelings. She is rather amazed when she
stops to think that her children range in age from
60 to 76. Can you imagine having a son who is 76?

Her garden looks good too. She's got spinach, lettuce,
onions, beets, cabbage and even some tomato plants out
already. And everything is just picture perfect.

I can't wait for her to call and say, "Laurie, I just
picked a mess of (fill in the blank), do you want some?"

Do I? Boy howdy!


LeftCoastOnlooker said...

those quilts are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She sounds like one busy lady.
Did G'ma Opal tell you how to make this ball?

Tammy said...

Yes, I was wondering the same thing...did you find this out from G'ma Opal or from experience? ;)

That is just amazing that your grandma has lived this long and still so vital and full of life!

Laurie said...

Leftcoast and Tammy-Yes, G'ma Opal is the one who taught me that little trick. She was a chatterbox last night.

Fabulous at being Katy Jane said...

That picture is so beautiful. I want a copy!

e-Mom said...

G'ma Opal does it again. She's such a delightful "chatterbox." :~)