Friday, March 02, 2007

Signs of the Times

March came in like a lion yesterday. At least it did
10 miles from here. There was a good, strong storm
that blew through Mayberry yesterday morning. They had
wind; they had dark skies; they had hail.

All we had was a tich of rain and a blowsy wind.

So does that mean March will go out like a lamb ten miles
away in Mayberry, but not here?

The weather, warmth wise, has been creeping towards
spring. It has rushed towards spring in another way.
The Japanese beetles are out in full force. I will

A few years ago the Japanese beetle migration reached
Mayberry. They look like ladybugs but aren't. They
smell bad when smushed and they sting too, if you let
them. They leave an ugly spot on the wall at times.

My poor mother and grandmother are nearly driven to
distraction by these beetles because they will come
in by the hundreds and sometimes thousands. You can
not stop them. They hibernate between the siding and
the outside wall and creep in when the weather begins
to warm up. Mom and G'ma Opal will smush, vacuum, sweep,
knock, just do anything possible to eliminate them, but
they keep coming. I have them in every room right now

But, if having to deal with Japanese beetles means that
I also get to hear peepers every time I step out the
door at night, I'll deal with them right cheerfully.


LeftCoastOnlooker said...

wow, I think your Japanese beetles come back early, for you. Our big time with them (when I lived in the midwest) was the fall, when the leaves turned beautiful. I used to spend hours everyday to suck them up in the vaccuum, to keep them from infesting the antique furniture, curtains, linens, and other textiles in a 54 room house - I guess moving into 100 square feet has it's rewards (ok, we aren't quite that small, but were 20' x 12' - smaller than my last living room!)

Laurie said...

Leftcoast-You must have some great strategies for economizing on space. You should post on that sometime.