Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This is not the post I intended to write. That will
have to wait because, when I stepped out on my front
porch to say, "Good Morning" to the morning, I was
enveloped in a cloak of a deep, drippy, dark, delightful
fog. I wanted to take a picture, but I knew it would
not turn out.

As I stood there, I was listening to the morning wake-
up sounds and they were blending with the end of night
sounds. The peepers were there but slowly fading away.
The occasional bull frog was still making his presence
known. Across the way a rooster was letting his consorts
know it was time to get their sleepy heads to open their
eyes and begin looking around for breakfast. The birds
were beginning to trill and cheep and sing.

The Lord is good to us. These kinds of gifts are beyond

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e-Mom said...

I loved the peeper recording!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so it's a frogish creature? I assumed you were talking about birds. What a COOL link.

I see you've been relishing the change of the season. Thanks for sharing your joy. It's not quite so obvious here yet... last weekend was still so GRAY. My husband and I headed over the mountains to the eastern part of the state, where they say it's always sunny. Was it? Nope. But we did have a great Mexican food meal while we were there. :`)