Monday, March 05, 2007

Pretty completely this past weekend was devoted to a
volleyball tournament our Mexico Mission Team was hosting
to raise funds for the materials we'll need when we
travel to Mexico this summer.

Friday was filled with details in preparation.
Saturday was the tournament which began at 8:00am
and lasted until about 7:00.
Sunday was the achy and jammed finger part.

But, Jackie and Laura eat your hearts out, my Red-Headed
Snippets and Gang took second place. See what you
missed out on Ruth, you could have been in this lovely

If you've ever read my profile you ought to be able to pick
me out.


Billy and Jenn said...
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Billy and Jenn said...

I thought that this team was supposed to be all red-heads. The others should have been wearing wigs.

e-Mom said...

No I can't see you! Which one are you??? (Just kidding.)

Laurie said...

Jenn-well I had to compromise. I couldn't gather together enough redheads. I should have made the others wear t-shirts that said, "Redhead wannabees".

e-Mom said...

Red-head wannabees, lol. :~) (My Mom was a flaming redhead too, and my daughter was also born with red hair.)