Tuesday, March 20, 2007

One last (maybe) post on peepers. Did you know
that the warmer the temperature the faster peepers
pees? They are like crickets in this way. Now, this
is not something I have read, it is just a little
something I have noticed myself.

And that is a great help. When I get up in the
morning it is still dark and they are still
peeping. If they are peeping fast, I don a
short sleeve shirt. If the peeps are stretched
far apart I head for the sweater drawer.

Who really needs noaa anyway?


e-Mom said...

This funny! I never tire of hearing about your peepers (now that I know what they are, and how they really sound!) You've made an important scientific observation, and I'm sure there is the equivalent around here too. (Like my husband's ankles. They get sore when the weather is changing... a built-in barometer.)

Also, thanks for telling us about your cows... you Mayberrians (?) make it all look so easy. :~)

bill said...

Very good observation. Natural weathermen.