Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Billy sent us this You Tube video on Monday morning.
We watched it several times. It features Steve Saint
speaking about his father's and his daughter's deaths.

Steve Saint is the son of Nate Saint. His father was
one of the missionaries that were killed by the Waodani
Indians. The movie End of the Spear features Nate and
his companions. Jim Elliot is perhaps the better known
of the five men killed because of the writings of his
wife Elizabeth Elliot.

This video is especially meaningful to us right now because
we just found out that my mother's cancer is back and she
will be starting chemo treatments again within the next
two weeks. The doctor basically said, "You had a good
seven months without chemo, you'll never go so long without
it again."

It is a bulwark of strength to know that all things come
from God's hands. He is not rushing around trying to put
out fires that Satan starts. He is not swinging His head
from right to left saying, "Oh dear, now look what I need
to attend to over there; how could that one have slipped
by me?" It is not just that He "won't give me more than
I can handle", and it is not just that "He will walk with
me through the dark days", it is that He is completely in
charge and all things are working toward a glorious end--
they are all working toward His glory and exaltation. That
does not make Him impersonal. It brings Him very close.
He can be depended on. He began this good work of salvation
in my mother and He will complete it until the day of Christ

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