Thursday, December 13, 2007

Evangelism Mayberry Style

Chains of events are interesting. Yesterday a neighbor's
cows got out and it is all my fault, yet I wasn't even

A week or so ago Hattie and I were chatting and I mentioned
to her that I've always wanted to have all the neighbors on
the gravel over during Christmas. It would be great to have
a little Christmas party, sing some carols and share the
gospel with them. Somehow it has just never happened.

Hattie thought for a bit and then asked if she couldn't
deliver invitations to our church Christmas program to our
neighbors. What a great idea!

So we made invitations and printed them off the computer. We
rolled them into little scrolls and tied curly ribbon
around them and she went out delivering.

A day or so later she was thinking about it again and asked
about delivering some on the gravel road that is opposite
ours across the highway. That was a little farther afield
than we felt comfortable with letting her roam alone, so
yesterday Kent and Hattie hopped on their bikes and rode
across the highway and up and down that gravel road.

When they got to the Hopkins place they left their bikes
at the beginning of the lane and walked up to give the
invitation. The problem was that two large dogs had been
following them for awhile and they followed them right up
the lane.

The dogs went ballistic when they saw a pen of newly weaned
calves, and the cows went loco when the dogs started barking
at them. One burst right through the fence and broke it.

Kent ran up and blocked the way so the rest couldn't get through.
He yelled to Hattie to go get the men that lived there and she
did. Then Kent helped to mend the fence. It was exciting all
right. Just another fun day in Mayberry.

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Gledwood said...

Wow! YOUR life looks different to mine!!


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