Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It would be hard for me to leave my home. I mean it would
be hard even to build a new one nestled back against the
woods that are behind us. We've talked of this on and off
for years because our place is a burned-out mobile home
that has been rebuilt. We could build a snug little place
back behind us and be away from all the dust of the gravel

What about the sunrises and sunsets that I can see from my

Would the peepers be as loud?

I like looking out the window to see who is driving by. You
may call me nosy-Nancy, but I think I am no different from
most Mayberrians when it comes to seeing who is driving by.
I've seen G'ma Opal leave a sentence half-spoken to run, as
fast as a 97 year old can run, to see who is driving by.

I love looking out my bedroom window, as I lay in bed, in the
month of May, and seeing all the stars of heaven flickering and
flitting about.

I just wonder if my little place here can last another 50 years?
I hope so.

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