Friday, December 07, 2007

G'ma Opal called yesterday evening. She was cold; she was
just shivering. She thought making some peanut butter cookies
might warm her up. She asked me if I remembered the recipe
that the Mayberry Times had printed some weeks ago for
Easy Peanut Butter Cookies. The recipe just happened to be
under a magnet on my refrigerator door. I cut it out when
she did, but I am not as industrious as she is. I have been
contemplating removing it from my fridge door because
I don't like cluttered fridge doors, but I am glad my
non-industriousness had me leave it there this long.

I hope baking those cookies warmed her up. I'll have to
call and ask.

I offered for her to come to our house which was somewhere
between 90 and 110 degrees due to our wood furnace. She
said she'd rather stay home and bake cookies. That was
probably a good idea; we'd have wasted her time with a game of
High Five.

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