Sunday, January 27, 2008

The extended family to which I belong all have a touch
of pyromanianism in them. When those who have long since
moved from Fern Nook come for a visit, it would not be a
complete visit without a bonfire. It can be 10 below
zero, no matter, a bonfire is the order of the day. It
can be 110 degrees-we must have our bonfire. If not, we
might go home full, but we won't go home happy.

Even when I lived in the big city we had bonfires. I don't
know if it was legal or not, but Dad would often make one
in our back yard, and even, from time to time, in the circle
we lived in. We lived at the junction of two short streets,
and there was a rather large circle, like a cul-de-sac that
held our house and several others. It was a great place for
four-square, only we played it using 10 or 12 squares at a
time. It was also a great place for fires. The cars driving
by could easily avoid the fire and the kids had great fun
roasting hotdogs and dancing like Indians around it.

Dad now always has a bonfire pile building up in his field.
Uncle Jim, as recently mentioned, burns leaves 24/7. That
is not exactly a bonfire, but it IS a fire at least. But
this weekend must take the cake for fires for us.

We started Friday night with a bonfire behind our shed. Since
I was going to the grocery store anyway, Hattie asked for
hotdogs, buns, and the makings for s'mores. And she emphasized,
"Make sure you don't just get one Hershey bar, we need at least
two." I came home with two big bars. We had a lovely fire.

Then all yesterday afternoon, Tyler, Hattie and Kent spent burning
off part of a field Tyler is working to get in shape as a food
plot. He's been working on it in his spare time for weeks. His
arms looks like he has been through a war zone. They are rather
ripped up from the brambles. I highly recommend ripping up
brambles as a way for young people to get out any aggression they
may feel building up.

Last night, though, we had the King of Bonfires. Joel has been
clearing out his woods for a few years, and he spent the last
few weeks going out and gathering up the branches and throwing
them into a pile. It was huge. It was glorious. At one point,
I felt like I was being watched and I turned to find three cows
right behind me. They were fascinated by the fire.

It's been a lovely weekend.

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Jonine said...

Ah.........a bonfire! Here in the "city" we are looking at the back porch fire pits for sale at the local mercantile store. Wondering exactly - what are the city codes here anyway. We got some odd looks when on Christmas we decided to burn leaves for "fun." We didn't know the codes but who is going to come after us on Christmas day for burning leaves! HA