Sunday, January 13, 2008

Maybe it's because of the New Year, but for whatever reason
I've been ruminating a bit lately over the purpose of this
little slice of blogspace. Everyone who write needs to have
a reason to lay their words before the reading public. This
blog has been in the sago sago tradition (that would be Cebuano
for "all mixed up"), or I could say in Tagalog "halo halo" and
mean the same thing but with different words. If I wanted to
use crosswordese I would say that this blog is olio (a mixed

There are words that define my life, but they haven't really
been defining of this blog.

I am a wife andmother, but this blog isn't all about mother skills
and marriage 101 skills, though I have been thinking about writing
a post with parenting advise in the near future.

I am a homeschooler, but I have seldom written about that. There
are so many good homeschool blogs and I never felt anyone would
really want my wisdom in that arena.

I am a Christian, but if that doesn't come through anyway then I
had better just throw in the towel and be done with it.

I am Reformed to a turn, and I am sure it is pretty obvious from
time to time, but this blog has never been about theology per se.

I love to read, but am greatly constrained by time, and there are
oodles of great book blogs around.

With all of this thinking, which has been just about as much as
my poor little grey tich of matter can handle, I have reached a

This blog is about the gravel road. It is about the little community
that used to be called Fern Nook and that is no longer on the map.
It is about a way of life that may not seem so different from the
rest of America and yet is in some major ways. It is about
rootedness, and family, and the little day to day things that go
on up and down the gravel. Because you see, while I can think
of a half of a dozen families here in Mayberry County that have
several family units living within a stretch of gravel, I don't
think many people other places can. I would like to preserve
a little of the way a 2000 and something family can live, with
computers and cars and modern conveniences, and yet with lots
of fresh air and freedom and family. And, for those who want to
keep up with G'ma Opal, and Mom and Dad, Uncle Jim and the rest
of the family, I want to be a mooring-in spot.

And so, for those of you who just happened to wander into this little
corner of cyberspace, you are welcome to stay and visit. You would
be just as welcome if you came on up, or down, for a visit in person.
I was staying one summer with G'ma Opal, years ago, when an entire
carload of relatives from Texas came for an extended stay. G'ma and
I were working in the tomatoes and saw them pull into the driveway.
We didn't have a clue they were coming. Eleven of them piled out of
the station wagon and though they were unexpected, they were not
unwelcome. We fed them and bedded them just fine. We'd do the same
for you.

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Conservative Politics said...

Sigh.. this post made me feel a little more at home.