Friday, January 18, 2008

This morning we went dictionary hopping. We were trying
to trace Paul's second missionary journey. We have the
Bible maps, but we wanted to understand it more completely.
The commentary we were reading said Paul went into Asia Minor.
Kent said, "So, Laurie, (because I am the geography nut) just
where is Asia Minor."

I looked wise and sputtered a bit, then I said, "You know,
I am a little fuzzy on that one."

So I looked up Asia Minor. It is, according to Webster, a
"large peninsula in W Asia, between the Black Sea and the
Mediterranean, including Asiatic Turkey west of an undefined
line from the Gulf of Iskenderun to the Black Sea."

Okay, not so bad, we now know where Asia Minor is, more or

Then Kent continued reading. Paul was not allowed to go to
Bythnia or the Asian Province, he had to go to Mysia. "Laurie,
where is Mysia?"

"Ummm. Well let's see what Webster says, he was so helpful

Quick turning of the pages.

Mysia-"ancient region in NW Asia Minor, on the Propontis."

"Hmmm. I think I'll look up Propontis. This is getting as
clear as mud."

Propontis-"Ancient name for Sea of Marmara." Like that helps.

"Let's turn to Marmara."

Marmara-"Sea of sea between European & Asiatic Turkey, connected
with the Black Sea by the Bosporus & with the Aegean by the

Finally we got it. And now we know. But it was a lot of work
to get there.

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