Wednesday, March 12, 2008

From "The Digital Age--A New Dark Age?: A Look At How
Christianity Can Speak To Those Lost In A Storm of Information"

Complicating such a view is the fact that we are now living
in what is now being called by some thinkers a "post-literate"
society. Many, especially in the West, are technically literate,
that is, they technically can read, but are functionally
illiterate, or, they choose not to read or they can only
read in a simple way or understand literal meanings. Some
champions of the new media forms do not see this as a
negative and embrace new forms of communication. But one
only needs to read Neil Postman's Amusing Ourselves to Death
to understand the dangerous implications of a media-driven
epistemology. And Postman was writing even before the advent
of the internet and other such technologies. It will take
decades to fully understand the results of a shift away
from a fluent, text-based literacy to a "computer" literacy,
but so far, the studies in education and psychology have
not been positive. In short, our advanced technology has
left us dumbed down and numbed, unable to think critically
or in a sophisticated manner.

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