Sunday, March 02, 2008

This is not a Mayberry story, but it is too good not
to share. This is straight from the history of Jim
and Gerry, my in-laws.

Years ago, probably 40 or more, they lived in a little
house on the corner of a street. Gerry wanted to add
a room onto the house.

Their neighbor, Mr. Beem, worked for a concrete business
and he told them that if they would dig out for the footings,
he would have the company trucks stop by at the end of a
work day and pour their leftover concrete into the spot
where it was needed.

So Opa began to dig. They wanted to go three feet down
for the footings and the room was to be about 20 by 10.
He dug and dug and dug...and finally they rented a ditchwitch
to finish the digging.

The machine threw all the dirt into a big mound in
the yard. The mound resembled a new grave. Opa got a big
rock, set it at the top of the mound of dirt and wrote the
following words on it.

Here lies Gerry,
Friend so true,
'Til she found digging
For me to do.

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