Thursday, March 13, 2008

Up and Down the Gravel:

1. Uncle Jim took G'ma Opal to the Cape to visit a cardiologist.
They had quite an adventure. Jim decided it would be best to
go the night before and stay in a motel. We all agreed. G'ma
has a harder time in the mornings. But I think they both missed
their own beds a lot.

The end result of the trip is that G'ma decided not to do anything,
at least not now. The results would be iffy even if the procedure
were successful. She toddles around pretty good yet and at this
point the status quo is a good option.

Since yesterday was a gorgeous day, she was just absolutely crazy
about getting out and planting something, ANYTHING, in the ground.

Dad went to town and bought her some manure and took some wood
down and built a largish box to put the manure in. Then she
got to work planting onions. It was a glorious day for the

3. G'ma and I had a disagreement about time zones and, though
I truly hate to admit it, the General was correct.

3. Dad took Mom to The Big City for her chemo treatment and this
time her white counts were high enough for her to get it. She
had to get a white blood shot as well and that has her feeling
all over achy.

4. Joel and Hattie had quite an adventure with the bull the other
day. Everyone else was gone and Hattie was trying to get Max
away from the bull. When she did she accidentally left the gate
open. It took them about 2 hours to get the bull back to his
own field.

5. The last two weeks have been strewn with breakages and spills.
First the breakages. My niece Kinsey hit her elbow to some glass
bowls I had sitting in my parent's living room. Inside the bowls
I had set a glass syrup container. The bowls survived the hit,
but the syrup container didn't. A few days later, Kent and Hattie
were playing ball in the living room and the ball hit a picture
of the Gonzalez family, it fell over and the glass in the frame
broke. Then Joel borrowed my nutgrinder to crunch up dog food for
the ducks. Apparently nutgrinders are not made to crunch up dog
food. Finally, a few days ago I was boiling eggs for tuna salad
and I asked Hattie to set the timer on the microwave. She totally
by accident just started the microwave and it ran for 8 or so
minutes with nothing in it and then conked out.

The spills started with the same ball game that broke the picture
glass and a glass of cranberry juice was spilled on some tax
papers. They weren't that important, so no big deal though. Then
Hattie spilled a large glass of water in the new room when she
was painting. Easily sopped up. On Sunday, one of my two year
olds spilled a glass of water during snack time. Oh well! And
then yesterday a glass of water was spilled during lunch time and
ran down onto the floor.

All these things keep life fun and interesting. They also serve
as a continued reminder that the things of this life are to be
held onto very lightly. What is a spilled glass of water or a
microwave in the light of an eternity to be spent with our
Almighty God?

6. Kent says we will probably have a calf today. That would be
fun. Maybe. As long as the birth is easy. We've had some
doosies in the past.

7. Joel says he has to get a chicken/duck house built NOW. It
just goes to prove what Kent and I know by experience. If you
want to have a fence, get a cow. You'll put up a fence as soon
as you quit chasing the cow all over the neighborhood one time.
Just so, if you want to have a chicken coop, buy some chicks.

The coop will be built. Trust me.

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