Thursday, March 06, 2008

I changed the picture for this update of Up and Down
the Gravel to remind me that somewhere in the world
it is warm and the sun is shining. This picture is
from when Becky and I were crossing from Cebu to CDO
back in September. Believe me, though it may look
luxurious and romantic, being on this particular boat
was like being on Noah's Ark. All night long there was
a huge rocking back and forth which caused the public
toilet doors to bang loudly and regularly. There were
dogs barking, cats meowing, and roosters crowing. There
were roaches crawling around and lots of unpleasant smells.
Yet, despite all that, it was an incredible experience and
one I wouldn't trade.

Speaking of Becky, her flight was delayed 12 hours due to
weather in St. Louis. She is now home though and probably
experiencing quite a change from hot tropics to snowy Big
City weather. She'll never believe that she missed some
lovely spring days while she was gone, since she flew out
in an ice storm and flew home in a snow storm.

Mom couldn't get her chemo treatment on Monday because her
blood counts were too low. At least that meant we were able
to caravan back to Mayberry before the worst of the storm
hit The Big City.

Billy had to spend the night with Kent's cousin, Mike, who
lives very near WU. He's offered for Billy to come there
if Bill needs to and after the storm Tuesday it looked like
a good idea. Mike picked him up in his four wheel drive
vehicle and dropped him back off on Wednesday morning. Billy
also found out that he got the internship at Ozark Border
that he applied for. He is very pleased, and by the end
of today will be even more pleased, as he heads home for
spring break.

Joel has been bringing the ducks down in the evenings to
our place. They are cute and they are already getting quite
large. He lost one of his Rhode Island Red chicks. Max just
continues to be huge.

I don't have any news on G'ma Opal or Jim or others since
getting back from my trip up north.

But, even in the snow the peepers are going at it full force.
That does give one hope. In the morning the birds are madly
chirping. Spring is right there; she wants to burst out,
but this year it is a fight to the finish with Winter. We
are supposed to get more snow tomorrow. Oh well, live is
still delicious, and such a beautiful gift from God. All
that He pours into our days are His grace surrounding us.
The difficulties, the heartbreaks and the sunshine things
are all part of His incredible tapestry for us. I will
embrace it all today.

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