Monday, March 24, 2008

Up and Down the Gravel

Things have been buzzing up and down the gravel lately.

First, there have been a lot of card games. G'ma Opal and
Dad played Mom and Hattie in High Five a week or so ago.
Mom almost did her famous Shirley Shuffle when she caught
Dad cheating. She and Hattie were vindicated though, and
they won the game.

Derrill and Becky and the girls were down from The Big City
over Easter weekend. Becky played G'ma in several games of
Gin Rummy and G'ma lost every one.

Then for Easter dinner, Gm'a, Jim and Jenny joined us down
at Mom and Dad's for the Big Feast. Stacy and the kids came
to visit after we had eaten. Of course there was a ritual
game of High Five and G'ma lost again! I'm surprised she
is able to sleep at all these days with all those plays she
must be mulling over during the sma' wees.

G'ma has had some other excitement this week as well. She
had a new roof put on her house Saturday. Along with putting
up the roof the workers cut down some trees for her and
they even managed to break a window in the meantime. It
happened during the cutting down of one of the trees. One
of the men was between the house and the tree to brace it
and keep it from falling on the house. He was backed up
against the window and he was pushing so hard against the
tree that his bottom just went through the window.

Things are pretty much back to normal from all the flooding.
We've sent what we had here down into Arkansas as the Current
River flows into the rivers down there.

Tandy really, really wanted to bake Easter cupcakes this year.
She began asking me to help her make them 2 or 3 weeks before
the holiday. Finally on Friday we were able to make them.
We made chocolate cupcakes with green and red dyed coconut
on top. Then we put jelly beans in the red and green coconut

Life is going to be busy for the next several weeks as Tyler
enters his final ball season during his high school years. It
is a good thing we enjoy watching as much as he enjoys playing.
There is a dark lining to this silver cloud is his
white ball uniform. Actually though, I have gotten to the
place where I really don't care how it turns out anymore. It
has become a hopeless cause and not worth a half hour of
scrubbing after each game. I'll just toss it in the washer
and hang it up to dry.

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