Thursday, June 28, 2007

For some time now I have been collecting the google
phrases used by people who randomly come across this
blog. For the longest time I had lots of hits from
the words "Tizzy Perm". I guess I finally became lost
somewhere in the google lists on that one. But, here
is the more recent list of terms used by people who
find this most fascinating of reading spots.

Arkansas Gang Traily-I just regoogled it and I am still
at the top on this one. I still have no idea what an
Arkansas Gang Traily is, but it sounds fun and I'd
like to find it. Perhaps it means that Arkansas has
gone to the trails. Or perhaps it has something to do
with Arkansas Chain Gangs? Any ideas?

Dirty Scud-So, who has been investigating my housecleaning
lately? Or, perhaps they are mad at me and calling me a

Ambassador to the Penguins-This one is easy; I did a book
review on it.

Where the fireflies go
-One does wonder such things.

Highschool Terra Story-Sounds like a newspaper article,
but not one I've ever seen in the Mayberry Times.

You can’t judge a book by its cover
-Okay, I use too many
trite phrases. Slap on the hand for me.

Black Snakes in Missouri-This is easy. My kids bring
snakes in the house from time to time and I like to
talk about them. The last one they thought was a
baby copperhead, and Joel stood holding it while we
googled "baby copperhead" to see if it was or not.
Our learned verdict was that it was not.

Six simple strategies for achieving misery-Whoa. If you
are a regular here you might consider quitting right
now. I should have a disclaimer-Reading this blog
may lead to a miserable life.

Audio pilgrim’s progress-I mentioned Pilgrim's Progress in
a book review. By the way, Hattie just finished reading
the children's version of Pilgrim's Progress. She liked
it a lot.

Carolyn Fleetwood Wedding-Well we were at my niece's wedding,
and I did post about it.

I am young and my hands and feet are wrinkled-I hope this
person found some help for their problem.

Kent’s shirts-If anyone is offering to iron them for me, go
right ahead!

Ozarkbob-Hello, Dad!

Christopher robin is saying his prayers-Wonderful poem and one
of my all time favorites.

Softball catcher, sore thighs, what to do-This is the place
to come for medical advice of the most interesting sort.

Laurie Mayberry-Not my name, but could be my alias.

Wierds-Now I am hurt!

Fireflies and Peonies-Well, life is lovely and I like to write
about it.

Unfair coaches-We've all had our share.

Limberlock-What a fascinating word. It just oozes with deep
darkness and mystery.

Phrase such as “I am no expert but…”-I really, really must cut
the trite sayings out. Ouch!


Aint it a shame hymn
-This is the classic of classic bad hymns and
I truly pity the person who wrote it.

One flew east one flew west + poem + clock
-Some good G'ma Opal
sagacity here.

Artichoke Farm-Don't live on one, but wish I did.

Don’t judge a book by its cover
-Blah, blah, blah.

Working farmgirl pictures-I doubt they found any here. I am
the one who takes the pictures.

How many times does a hummingbird wings flutter in a second
have enjoyed our hummers this year. But this morning
we are totally out of sugar and they are hungry. Gotta
head to Mayberry.

-Not yet. They come in August.

Definition pooch nane-How am I supposed to know the definition
of pooch nane?

Homemade playhouse
-Easy one here. Hattie has a lovely playhouse.

Never Ending Garden Project-G'ma Opal's department. By the way,
I have started getting Zucchini from her. Yum!


e-Mom said...

What a clever idea for a post. Quite funny! I look at those googled words and phrases in sitemeter once in awhile. I didn't realize how entertaining they could be. (Seems like one could write a poem by stringing them together... much like the refrigerator magnet sets of random words that used to be popular.)

As I know your blog, these phrases do offer tiny snapshot of what you're about. (All except Arkansas Gang Traily and Dirty Scud-So!)

Maybe some tech wizard could write a program like Zoom Cloud to high-light googled phrases, and then one could post it (for a laugh) on one's sidebar. Oh, I'm really getting silly. Must go get a second cup of coffee... Fresh zucchini sounds good, but not for breakfast. :~)


Laurie said...

Oh, and we had fresh zucchini for dinner tonight. I agree breakfast would be pushing it.

Dana said... google searches have been painfully relevant recently, leaving no little chuckles while checking stats.

LeftCoastOnlooker said...

You literally made me spew coke on the screen!
You crack me up!!!!!!!!!!!
you're not only educational, you're also a comic

have a great weekend

Laurie said...

Leftcoke...I mean Leftcoast, I hope you got the screen clean!

LeftCoastOnlooker said...

If I leave behind typing errors, it's because the letters are stuck behind a coke-splot ;)
Happy 4th!