Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Just an absolutely fascinating look at what the
world eats. I especially love the picture of the
family from Cuernavaca.

Tip of the bonnet to Amy


Billy and Jenn said...

Oh I like this too! I liked the picture from Cuernavaca and I saw the tons of coke they had and the boxed "milk." I also liked to see how some families had so little. But what amazed me the most was how clean and organized all these kitchens looked. Perhaps we should volunteer ourselves to do this next time so someone will come in a clean our kitchen like that. ;)

LeftCoastOnlooker said...

What amazed me was how much prepackaged food was in so many of the pictures.
Did you notice the CA family that spends $500 / week -- but the food was all prepackagaed / processed / unhealthy stuff, which is also expensive.
We don't spend that much a month & we live in the same state - veggies are still less expensive than a box of corn dogs.