Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Up and Down the Gravel

1. It WAS a raccoon that was stealing the nectar. We
caught it and released it far, far away. Well, okay,
we let it go down at Greenville Ford, where it immediately
jumped in the creek and swam across, probably on its way
back to our nectar.

2. Last night Hattie and I went to visit G'ma Opal. It
was raining a little when we got there and we walked in,
but G'ma was not in the house. I looked out the window
and she was standing in the garden, in the rain, just
enjoying watching things grow. She called us out there
and gave us a tour of every plant. She reminded me that
I would not melt and so not to fuss over getting a little

I asked her how the mice were faring and she said that she
only got one the night before. It was quite not dead when
she found it in the morning, so she just gloatingly watched
it till Uncle Jim came to finish it off.

We played Rummy, and Polish Poker and she lost at both, but
she still let me take home two cukes and a green pepper from
the garden.

She is also in the midst of a dozen projects; she is re-webbing
some lawn chairs, going through all the stuff that was in
her shed and disposing of it, trying to figure out a way to
create a bird bath with an old table she had in the shed, and
of course she has her never ending garden project.

3. The triplets (goats) are looking good.

4. The cows are fat and happy.

5. The grandpuppy chews on everything.

6. Hattie had me cut her hair and she looks so much more
mature now. Whether that is good or bad I will not even
attempt to answer.

7. The hummingbirds are flitting like mad. They have
reduced in number from 50 or so to around 25, but we
still have to fill all three feeders at least once a day.

8. The guppies WILL reproduce and so Kent DOES have to
thin them out weekly.

9. My mother got a great report from her cancer doctor and
goes in 3 months for a checkup.


Steve & Ruth said...

A lot going on, but all sounds well. Hats off to the Man of God for the guppie duty.

Laurie said...

He steps up to the plate when a nasty job must be done!

LeftCoastOnlooker said...

Glad you caught the coon -- what about the bull?

Very glad to hear your mother's report.

Tammy said...

Such a great update...and that last one was one of the best of it all!

e-Mom said...

That rascally racoon! Would you believe that we have a racoon problem right in the middle of our middle-class urban neighborhood? Yes 'm we do! My husband caught one in a trap already, and there's another that sneaks in through our cat door at night. (Don't they always come in pairs?) My husband keeps talking about his soon-to-be-acquired coonskin cap... :~)