Wednesday, June 06, 2007

There is nothing so Mayberryish as spending a night
at the ballpark. Half the county seems to be there
on any given game night.

Of course, there's the fun of seeing the Princess smack
the ball and get a triple (albeit two of the bases were
on overthrows-it is a never ending battle to get those
little people to throw the ball to the pitcher so play
can be halted rather than throwing to a base and giving
the runner ANOTHER chance to advance), but there is also
the fun of knowing players and parents on both sides,
knowing all the umpires personally, and chatting with
the crowd in general.

There is the warm-fuzzy feeling that is inside when you
say to one of the umpires (one who happens to attend the
same church as you do) that made a call that just happened
to be in your team's favor, "Good call, Blue!"


e-Mom said...

Nice!!! Warm fuzzies indeed. Love your new triplets. Hugs!

LeftCoastOnlooker said...

sounds like fun!
I remember going to watch my baby bro :)

Steve & Ruth said...

It is also enjoyable when you know the umpire and complain from the crowd about the job he is doing or the calls he make...even if he is doing a good job or he made a good call. The look on their face when they see it is you is PRICELESS!!