Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The problem with digital cameras is that one so seldom
actually gets around to printing out the pictures. At
least that is the case with this one, but I wanted to leave
the camera clean before the Mexico Mission trip and I ran
off a huge pile of pics. I had this picture printed and
took a copy down to G'ma Opal. She said, "I look nice in
that dress, don't I?"

Hattie, as usual, talked the group into a game of High Five.
It was G'ma Opal and Mama (my mom) versus Kent and Hattie.
It was a good, close game. The grandmas won it in the ninth
inning by setting Kent and Hattie.

On the way home (which takes all of about 3 1/2 minutes), Kent
was advising Hattie on the finer points of bidding. He was
hitting especially hard on when to and when not to bid on a
hand that has really nothing to bid on. I think she got it.

Some family traditions come and go. High Five, I am afraid, is
here to stay.

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