Saturday, August 18, 2007

Yesterday I smelled like a goat all day long. We
went out in the morning to look at a wierd growth
on Hattie's mama goat and I put some antibiotic
cream on it. Then we decided to work on Zac's (the
billy) hoof because he was hobbling. Billy and
Kent tipped him and Billy held him down, with my
help (well I did help a little), and Kent trimmed
and cleaned out the gunk from the hoof.

There is no smell quite like a billy (especially a
big billy) in July and August. His odor permeates the
entire 40 acres, and when you touch him it sticks
with you all day long. You cannot wash it off.

So I shopped in Mayberry smelling like a goat. I cooked
dinner, with Hattie's help, smelling like a goat. I
played cards last night smelling like a goat.

But what matter, Kent and Billy smelled like one too.


Dana said...

Oh but goats...they are so sweet and cute. Why wouldn't you want to smell like one, too?

Tammy said...

Laurie, I am just catching up a bit with you...I love your new look! I scrolled down to see that is from an actual letter found! What a treasure...
Your home schooling post below was so well written and I could agree more. But to think math is supposed to be more a "male" subject than a female- so interesting that it's not so in your family!
I can't honestly say I was ever hoppin' to do math in summer...but frankly, it was not my favorite in any season! But yet my girls show a talent for mastering it, so there you go!
Enjoy your week...and hopefully that goat smell will fade! ;)

LeftCoastOnlooker said...

I can't believe I'm saying this (city-girl that I am), but (eww) I've been there & done that -- so, I feel the stench. I had a friend whose brother made me learn to milk their goats.