Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What I really want to do is to write a post on intentional
living, and I want to post the video I made of the gazillion
hummingbirds that have a feeding frenzy every morning and
evening at our feeders.

I also have some neat links I'd like to direct you to...

But, due to extreme lack of posting time I will just mention
that in 10 minute increments I read Murder Must Advertise by
Dorothy Sayers. It was nice to find a new Dorothy Sayers (well
not new, just newly acquired) at the Mayberry Library.

And now I just want to tell you that if you have never read
the Miss Read books then you are living in an arid land. Read
this quote and then go beg or borrow or buy all the Miss Read
books you can find.

"'I always speaks fair of folks when I can,'" continued Mrs. Pringle
self-righteously, putting down her dustpan and settling herself
on the front desk for a good gossip. The desk groaned under her
thirteen stone but knew better than to let the lady down. 'There's
mighty few these days as can be spoke fair of in Fairacre-a proper
lazy, shiftless, godless, money-grubbing lot as they be. As I
said to Mr. Pringle only last night: "If this is the age of
flatulence," I says, "then there's something in being poor but

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e-Mom said...

Lol, "the age of flatulence???" Ha, what a fun quote.

I like your new blog header... very nice changes around here I'd say. :~)

Sorry, I've been a bit scarce around blogville myself. But it's nice to catch up with you today. Hugs!