Thursday, February 14, 2008

Not all of Mayberry, but certainly all of Fern Nook
was hit hard by an ice storm this week. Most of us
in Fern Nook lost our electricity for 49 hours. So,
you see, I have a good excuse this time for not posting.

When we in Fern Nook lose electricity we also lose water,
since we are all on wells. When we first lost it I tried
to call Uncle Jim and G'ma Opal. Neither one answered their
phones. The next morning, though, I reached Uncle Jim. I
was wondering how G'ma was doing.

Jim said, "I just wish your Grandma would sit down instead
of hopping around like a bunny rabbit asking all kinds of
questions. I need someone to come and take her for awhile."

G'ma hadn't pulled out any water the night before and so,
when she woke up she put a bucket under the drip of the roof,
since it was still raining ice. She figured the roof had
been washed pretty clean after the all night ice rain we'd

How delicious it was, last night, to come home from church to
lights and toilets we could flush, water we could drink, and
warmth coming from the heater. It actually took a long time
though for the house to warm up. We still have some frozen
pipes, though, in the back part of the house that we need to
address today.

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