Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Up and Down the Gravel

1. First and foremost, last night I heard the peepers for
the first time this year. It was magical.

2. Aunt Jenny called two nights ago and asked if we knew
where Uncle Jim and G'ma Opal were. We didn't. We found
out the next day, after she was back home again, that G'ma
spent the night in the hospital. But, as far as I know,
she is fine now.

3. Joel bought two dozen eggs off of Cousin Mary to incubate.
It looks like we are back in the chicken business again.
I wonder how Max, the German shepherd, will like the chicks?

4. The weather has been wild and wet and wooly. It's just
been wonderful. We've had wind, rain, snow, sun...just
your regular ole Missouri weather. I love it.

5. Last night we fried the last of Tyler's turkey from last
year. It was yummy. We're just making room for this year's hunt.

1 comment:

Jonine said...

When I read your posts it is like somehow you know me....the owls first, now the spring peepers....I could even hear them in my memory. One of my favorite sounds. The other night there was this crazy thing here in the big city.....we heard an owl in our back yard! My daughter called me to her room because she heard it first. I told her she must be daffy but NO there it was!