Monday, May 01, 2006

Oh Glory! The lightning bugs are out. Usually they
don't arrive 'til the middle of May, but tonight when
I pulled into the driveway with princess daughter
she yelled (yes this princess yells sometimes), "Oh
look, fireflies." And she flew out of the car and into
the yard. I wonder if they will stay 'til the end of June,
as usual, or if, since they came early, they will depart

But, oh, my poor peonies. Yesterday, while I was
in St. Louis, there was a big hail storm here and it just
tore my poor babies to pieces. They were big and
gorgeous this year.

While I was in St. Louis my mom-in-law told me that
the big, huge, gigantic St. Louis used book sale was being
held. I talked the ladies I was with into going, but they
only gave me 40 minutes to look. I didn't even make
it through all the children's tables in that amount of time.
But I did get 17 books for $5.00. It was the second to
last day of the sale and they were half off their already
rock-bottom prices. But the girls promised me that if
our annual shopping trip to St. Louis coincides with the
sale next year they will give me half a day there. That
will suit me fine because I am not a happy shopper in
malls...although I dearly love my friends and keep a smile
pasted to my face to keep them from realizing how icky
I feel. Actually the smile is pretty real. We have a good
time together.

Tomorrow, when I am more caught up on my sleep I will
tell about the huge faux pas I committed. I didn't even
know I had done it 'til hours after it happened. I may
not be able to get the nerve to tell it even here, but I
probably will because it is very, very funny.

"Do you think there will be fireflies and peonies in heaven,"
she asked plaintively. "Of course, you silly," said her wise,
theologian, pastor husband.

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