Saturday, May 06, 2006

Was it a compliment or not?

I was at a picnic today at a neighbors house. I sat down
next to a dear lady and she looked at me and said, "I
didn't realize that your hair was so red." Note: My
face was now a bit red too! I replied, "TeeHee, well
actually it wasn't so red until about 8:30 this morning."

Then she said, "You look so cute in those jeans. You are
really dressed appropriately." (Note: even though we
were at a picnic it was drizzley and in the 60's, so I wore
a turtleneck, a sweatshirt, jeans, warm socks and
tennis shoes. She, poor thing, had on white, picnicy
crop pants, a three-quarter sleeve shirt and sandals...
I guess I was dressed appropriately and I was very

One time a date told me I looked "adequate." We were
going to a very fancy shindig and I had spent a long time
getting ready. He meant I looked "suitable for the
occasion." Some compliments I could probably do

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