Saturday, May 06, 2006

One of the most fascinating parts of parenting is watching
young people grow into their own faith. As my sons have
questioned our beliefs it has caused them to become
solid. I don't mean here our belief in a Father God, or
in Jesus Christ and his sacrifice on the cross, but some
of the "finer" points of doctrine. However, just because
they might be "finer" doesn't mean they are minor.

One of my 19 year old's friends, especially, comes from a
different theological leaning than we do. Matthew, the
friend, loves debate and questions Billy's stands on God's
providence, sovreignty, predestination and eternal security.
We have covered all this ground before as a family, yet it
is now becoming very pertinent and real to Billy. He is
asking the eternal question.

I have titled it this because this question is eternally asked
in these types of discussions. The eternal question is, "How
can there be both free will and predestination." We can only
tell him over and over that it is a mystery, and show verses
that say "whosoever" on one track and "chosen in Him from the
foundation of the world" on the other. We can show commen-
tary from many sources that again confirm it is a mystery.
But either you have to believe it or you have to decide you
will throw out any scripture that doesn't fit with either one
side or the other because you are only going to hold yourself
to one view or the other.

The love I have for the security of the believer is just that-
The wonderful security that it surrounds me with. I had to
be silly though with it and so I wrote a ditty for all those
who are otherminded. It can be sung to the tune of "Michael

There was a man who was born againagain
He kept falling into sinagain
He'd repent and then beginagain
Poor old man who was born againagainagain

No offense is intended and I hope none is taken.
I also have a cute ditty I wrote for my kids when
they were little and taking their baths...I'll tell that
some other time.


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