Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Actually a Hattip goes to Grandma Opal for this WFMW
idea, but since she is not a blogger, I can't link you to her.
However, if you want to visit her, she is just down the
gravel from me and would love to beat you in a game
of cards.

Grandma loves to keep her house (a delightful period
piece, as she is herself) spic and span. It is not at all
unusual for this 96 next-month-year-old to be caught
cleaning the top of her cabinets, or rummaging and
cleaning something else. Several years ago she told me
one of her tricks and I have used it ever since. She
basically uses a bottle of water with a few drops of
dish-detergent in it to clean almost everything.

I keep a spray bottle with a few drops of JOY detergent
in each of my bathrooms. (It must be JOY because--
when Kent and I first began to date he went with my
family to drop me off for my Senior year of college;
when I went to bed that first night I found a bottle of
JOY dish detergent on my pillow along with a note.
The note read, "May you remeber me with JOY every-
time you wash the dishes." I did and I still do!) I use
them to clean the entire bathroom, mirror, sink, floor,
and stool (I use something else for the tub.) I grab a
bottle and spritz away when I want to wash windows,
spot clean my wood floors, get dirt off of the walls etc.

I love the idea of not having a lot of harsh chemicals
floating around in the house and it saves a bundle in
cashola too.

Check out Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer for loads of
good ideas that just might Work For You.


kel said...

I will have to try that because I try to keep the harsh cleaning supplies to a minimum.

Carol said...

I'm convinced that Joy is one of the most underappreciated products on the market!

Nice tip! Tell Grandma Opal I'd love to cut the deck with her.

Maggie said...

Waht a wonderful memory of a product. I loved the story. I will fill my spray bottle with dish detergent when my bottle of Mr. Clean runs out.

lrlwreath said...

Hmmm, and it does not leave streaks? I will have to try this.

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

I'll have to try that because I am WAY overloaded on cleaning supplies...

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Larae said...

I have to try this, I hate using harsh chemicals and raking out big bucks for cleaning supplies. That little note from Kent is VERY cute...just had to throw that in there. Thanks for the tip! =)

Kathryn Judson said...

Thanks for the tip. I try to keep things relatively simple around here, but I hadn't thought to try "that simple." I'll give it a shot.

I think it was Agatha Christie who wrote that there's no need to kill germs if you wash them away. (Whichever mystery writer it was, she was having trouble with servants who insisted on using killer chemicals on everything to 'get things clean.' As an expert on poison, the author was horrified to have it in the house. The author related that she kept catching the hired help doing it her way when they knew she was looking, and their way when they thought she wasn't.)

Kathryn Judson said...

Dec. 20, 2006. Thank that Grandma Opal of yours for me. I've been having great luck with this - and it triggered a housecleaning spree, too, which triggered a home improvement and remove-the-clutter spree, with happy results. I've written a post on it. Thanks for the tip.