Thursday, September 21, 2006

Psalm 19:1
The heavens declare the glory of God;
And the firmament shows His handiwork.

This verse sprang to mind this morning when
I looked out the front door and saw the delicately
etched in pink sky. (That sentence is written just
the way it is meant to be read, awkward though
it may sound at first.) Such a view we have from
our house of both the sunrise and the sunset.

Someday I'll own a digital camera and I will be
able to show you what I'm talking about. For
now, just imagine.

That (not having a digital camera) reminds me
that yesterday I was thinking, "If someone were
to say to me, 'Laurie, choose any three things
around your house you need to buy or fix and
we'll do it for you', that it would be easy to decide
on." (I am having trouble trying to communicate
this exactly as I thought it.)

In other words, the person tells me that if I choose
three things they will take care of them for me. I,
at first, thought this would be an easy question.
In my mind I listed the three following items:
1. New windows to replace the ones that are so
leaky the curtains blow when it's windy...even
when the windows are shut.
2. A new refrigerator to replace the one that has
gaps in the rubber that lets air leak out.
3. A new kitchen table. (Mine is really nice, and
is an antique, but you can't get 6 chairs around
it unless people are sticking out at odd angles.)

But, then I thought, well, maybe I need some other
things more.

4. A new couch to replace the one that has stuffing
poofing out in several places.
5. A new vacuum because the carpet attachment no
longer works on mine.
6. New flooring in the the bedrooms because the old
stained carpet is really rather nasty, (hey if I got
new flooring I'd no longer need to replace the
vacuum because that would get rid of all the
carpeting in the house.)
7. ETC. ad naseum!

I remind myself of the time I was tucked in my snug little
bed one night imagining what I would do with $100,000
if someone handed it to me. At first I thought, "Oh, I
could never spend it all." But then, after about 3 and1/2
minutes I realized I had it all spent and needed a second

This is too much brain strain for me. I think I'll go back to
Psalm 19:1 and think about the glories of the heavens.
Then I'll wander over to Ephesians 5:20-- thanks always for all things to God the Father
in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,...

Really, what else does one need?

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e-Mom said...

Yes, really what else does one need? You do have all the important things in life there in Mayberry. I'll pray that maybe at least one thing on your wish list will be fulfilled. (How about two?)